Biohort High Quality 5.5ft x 2.5ft Europa Size 1 Metal Garden Shed


Product Description

The Biohort Europa is a heavy-duty apex roof garden shed manufactured from high tensile, 0.5mm hot-dipped galvanised, polyamide coated steel. They are one of the highest specification metal garden sheds on the market with high quality raw materials, diligent workmanship, and personal service all guaranteeing the best quality. This product can withstand snow loads up to 150 kg/m2 and it’s storm proof (150 km/h, wind force 12).

The raw materials used to make this product are treated with a 150g/m2 zinc coating to each piece of steel before each of the 3-enamel coating polyamide are applied. To ensure top quality throughout the building, each paint application is applied to both sides of each painted part of the building.

All Biohort products are hand pressed from these superior materials with quality control and customer satisfaction as a top priority. Using their many years of experience they have developed a product that has an uncomplicated assembly resembling a modular plug-in system, that makes assembly possible using as few screws as necessary. Biohort Products are covered by a 20 Year Guarantee that covers rust and perforation.

Product Features:

  • Modern design and attractive colour options
  • Hot dipped galvanized polyester coated steel panels
  • High quality components throughout
  • 2-way locking mechanism with T-handle cylinder lock and spare key
  • Virtually maintenance free with no painting or treating required
  • 2 Shelves & Shelf Support rails included which can be put at your desired height
  • 4 tool hangers included as standard
  • Integrated organiser system on the inside of the doors (6 hooks)
  • Integrated gutted with a connection for a 1″ hose
  • Screws and anchors included for mounting to the foundation
  • 20 Year Anti-Rust Guarantee

Product Dimensions:

  • Exterior Width: 172cm (5ft 6ins)
  • Exterior Depth: 84cm (2ft 8ins)
  • Exterior Height: 196cm (6ft 4ins)
  • Door opening: 135cm x 170cm (W x H)
  • Foundation dimensions: 155cm x 83cm (W x D)
  • Interior Width: 150cm (4ft 9ins)
  • Interior Depth: 78cm (2ft 6ins)
  • Interior Height: 188cm (6ft 2ins)
  • Weight: 81kg

Additional Information

Weight 81 kg
Dimensions 84 × 172 × 196 cm



5.5 x 2.5

Roof Type



Dark Green, Dark Grey, Quartz Grey, Silver







Biohort branded products are delivered directly from the manufacturer. They are delivered free of charge to your home address (kerbside delivery) within 3 – 9 weeks – depending on the item and colour ordered. For a more accurate delivery time please contact us and we can look up your item specifically.

The delivery address must be accessible for a 38 tonne lorry.

If you feel that your item is delayed then please contact us so we are able to help you.

Ground Screw Foundation

Content extracts originate from our partner Biohort

THE ADVANTAGE – Complete all-in-one foundation

A modern foundation solution without concrete from Biohort

For many customers, preparing a suitable foundation is a big problem; the desired location for installation is often on uneven and untreated ground. In addition, the cost of a concrete foundation is usually more expensive than the shed itself and the whole operation creates a lot of mess in the garden.

To address these common issues Biohort has created the Ground Screw Foundation (patented):

  • Ideally suited for uneven surfaces and slopes of up to 10%
  • Suitable for installation on all load-bearing soil types
  • Little excavation required, no gravel frost buffer, no concreting, no mess
  • Allows optimal alignment and security against the strongest storms (150 km/h, Wind force 12)
  • Easy to remove should the need arise
  • Perfect fit for all Biohort Garden Sheds and Equipment Locker

The Ground screw foundation can be installed on the spot and the assembly of your garden shed can immediately follow. The innovative base consists of high-grade aluminium panels fitted in a robust frame mounted onto stable ground screws.

Additional adapters allow compensation for uneven ground and slope angles. An integrated water barrier solves drainage problems perfectly and ensures no water enters the tool shed.

Side Canopy

The Biohort Side Canopy can be fitted on either one or both of the gutter sides of the shed

Ideal for alfresco dining, seating, garden equipment, hot tubs and more. (Only available on Biohort HighLine models)

The aluminium stayers are equipped with height-adjustable feet. Rainwater downpipe is included.

Important: The roof surface of the side canopy is always Metallic Quartz Grey.

Important: Please note that for the side canopy, the fixation points of the roof stayers are only suitable for a concrete or point foundation.

Aluminium Floor Frame & panels

Aluminum Floor Frame:

Offers the equipment shed additional stability when erected without a foundation on uneven ground (i.e lawn). The supplied ground anchors guarantee safety during stormy weather.

Aluminum Floor Panels:

The floor consists of 1-5 high-quality aluminium chequer plate panels depending on the size of the shed, incl. connecting rails. To ensure the optimal fitting the aluminum floor frame is necessary.

Additional Side Door

Additional Side Door

To make access to your garden shed possible form two sides, you can install an extra door in the side wall. Included in the delivery are a stainless steel door handle with standard cylinder, a 3-way locking mechanism, a gas assisted spring damper, hinges, two tool holders as well as the necessary metal fittings for the hinge positions. The hinges can only be fitted on the right-hand side.

(IMPORTANT INFORMATION: If you opt to have an additional door and also choose a SmartBase, an additional SmartBase foundation package is required (available in our optional upgrades section). If you do not opt for a SmartBase then an additional foundation package is not needed – Any questions please get in touch.

Rainwater Downpipe Set

Rainwater downpipe set

Two downpipes with outlet elbows in the same colour as the shed. All attaching parts are included in the set.


Two posts of the same colour as the shed are attached to the outer wall and the flower boxes can be hung on these at a suitable height. Plastic inserts, to make planting easier, are included as standard items.

Threshold Access Ramp

Biohort threshold access ramp

For use inside and outside the shed, makes crossing the threshold easier (only possible on a double door model and when an aluminium floor frame is fitted ) Load capacity: max: 200kg; length: 135cm.

Suspension Basket

Biohort Suspension Basket

Ideal for storing small objects. Includes wall rack for slotting the basket in-between 2 support rails. The basket is made of black polyester netting. Size: W 67 x L 34 x H 20 cm.

Please note: Support rails are not included

Bike Hanger “BikeMax” for 1 bike

Biohort Bike Hanger bikeMax


Height adjustable in 6 different positions and suitable for bikes with up to 26″ wheels, loop for bicycle lock included.

Garden shed AvantGarde, Highline, Panorama:

Height adjustable in 8 different positions and suitable for bikes with up to 29″ wheels.


Biohort Hook-Set

The Hook-Set consists of a combination hook, a handle hook and a shovel hook on a wall rack, for slotting between 2 support rails.

Please note: Support rails are not included

About Our Assembly & Installation Service

So you’ve chosen your shed and you want it assembled and that’s where our installers come in.

At Pure Garden Buildings, we offer a professional installation service taking the pressure off you. So if you require a shed installation in your garden or you’re an Architect, Developer, Business, School or Government Body we can take care of the build process for you.

Simply Choose the “Assembly” option when placing your order or speak to one of our team about booking your installation.

After you have placed an order and a delivery date has booked, notify us and the install team will be in contact to make the necessary arrangements with you for your install.

Installation FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How long do I have to wait for an install?

The date for installation will be arranged with you by the installation team once a delivery date has been booked.

Fantastic stuff, your building will have already been delivered may be coming with the installer, if your building is delivered to you prior to the install date please check off the contents from the list on the instructions to make sure everything is present and correct.

Although we try and make sure everything is perfect we are all only human after all, so we ask you to quickly check and get in touch if you have any concerns so we can sort them out before the installer arrives.

We will pre-book an installation date with you in advance if you are not able to be in or grant access, then please let us know in advance or arrange for a friend or neighbour to be there in your place.

The installer will normally phone you the day before or the morning of your install date to check that everything is all still fine to go ahead (although we can not guarantee this service).

Your installer(s) should arrive within the timeframe agreed (if there is an unavoidable delay then will notify you as soon as reasonably possible).

When the installer/s arrive they will just double check that your base is suitable and everything is present for the installation, then they will start the erection process of your building for you.

The installers will be happy to answer any questions you may have.  If you want to oversee the build they are more than happy for you to be there.

If you want to get on and leave them to it, they will be able to give you an estimated time that the install should be nearing completion.

Yes, you’re good to go! The installer will do their own checks of the building and then ask you to have a look with them, they will show you the completed job, take some photographs and ask you to sign for their work.

Assembly/Installation Requirements

So there are no surprises on the day please read the following information about what is required.

1. There is clear access to the garden or assembly site.

2. It’s not further than 40 meters from the delivery point to the
assembly point. Although we can move the shed from one point to another for you, the price quoted only allows for a certain amount of time.

Long distances like rear access from further down a street, etc. will take more time that has not been quoted for in the standard price.

3. The ground is flat (not sloping for base kits).

4. A solid and suitable base is in place and that base is both flat and level.(for more information please see our “Shed Base Guide”).

5. Delivery and installation may not be on the same day.

6. There is access (min 60cm) all around the final install position (the install team will need to get to all sides of the shed to properly install the roof).

7. Electricity must be available upon request.

8. There is parking or a suitable loading/unloading area at the assembly address
with free parking close by. Permit holders only roads will require you to provide a permit.

9. Unless agreed in advance a person over the age of 18 must be available at the time of assembly.

1. We are unable to carry a shed through your
property. if a shed or garden building must be taken through a home then you will need to already have done this before the assembly team arrives or upon arrival.

2. If the assembly person or team arrives to find the
base is not suitable, the job may not be able to go ahead on that day, but the booking will still have to be paid in full.

3. If we are asked to and agree to install on a base
that is not suitable, then we do so on the understanding that you acknowledge this may affect the look and functionality of the building and we will not be held liable for issues that arise as a result.

4. The installer/s are unable to carry out other jobs or repairs for you while they are there.

5. If you have pets, the area must be free of any mess and properly cleaned before the assembly taking place.

6. We may ask for dogs to be kept away from the area while the assembly is taking place.

7. Any trees, bushes, etc. that are overhanging must be cut back prior to our arrival.

8. Grass must be reasonably short around the assembly site.

9. Manholes and drains in the area must be covered, free from mess and clean.

10. If any additional jobs are carried out for you at your request these will be chargeable at £30 + VAT per hour (chargeable in 1-hour increments).

1. The ground is not more than 3 inches off level across the entire span of the base.

2. The area is not partly paved, concrete, blocks, bricks or anything that will have to be removed before assembly.

Note: we are unable to perform any groundwork’s.

Although we will make every effort to accommodate requests, these are best made in advance so there is no delay in the assembly service or unexpected surprises on the day.

Because we work with a number of different manufacturers and brands delivery and assembly won’t be on the same day.

Please understand that our standard pricing is simply for the assembly of a retail product and nothing else (Our installers are not builders, carpenters or electricians) and can not perform other tasks for you.

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