Reasons You’ll Love Being an Any Shed Installation Franchisee

1. Marketing

Let us worry about lead generation:

While you are welcome to run your own marketing in your area, we take care of all the national marketing for you.

High-quality Leads:

You’ll receive high-quality leads recommended by the manufacturer. We team up with some market leading brands to make sure you’re getting the right leads.

Lead Consistently:

You’ll get consistent leads generated from major search engines for your area/territory in addition to work provided via the factories, brands and retailers we work with.

Valuable Local Partnerships:

We target the best businesses in your territory/area for partnership deals for their assembly/installation requirements and more.

Get in touch for more information on how we best support our franchise owners with top marketing support.

Shed Installation & Assembly Marketing

2. Opportunity

High Earning Potential:

The opportunity to be your own boss and take control of your future, with high profit potential and room for growth, our commercial partners can enjoy the comfort of knowing that we are there to support and help them.

The sky’s the limit! We are always working on where we can add value to the brand and so can you!

3. Support

Our office is your office:

From when you first start we will provide full office support for you:

  • Taking calls
  • Generating leads
  • Booking appointments and more.

Depending on what you want and need, we will taylor a package that works for you! This leaves you free to focus on building your business and delivering a great service that generates you profit!

As your business grows our support, software and training will adapt to meet your growing needs.

You can have as much or as little office support as you want, we can look after it for you or if you prefer you can take care of everything yourself. You are in control.

Shed Assembly Support

4. Demand

Shed Installation demand

In today’s busy world, demand for services is on the rise and that is where we/you come in. With modern houses maximising space the demand for outside storage is growing at a steady pace.

Many people are too busy to find the time or simply don’t want to do a DIY installation.

So whether a customer has brought a shed online or they are shopping with a local garden centre, the demand for installation is there!

We help increase demand by partnering with local businesses and national brands. We fulfilling a gap in their business which may otherwise cost them the sale.

5. Organisation:

Technology Infrastructure:

Industry-specific software means that you’re not missing a thing.

  • Realtime Job Progress Tracking
  • GPS Tracking
  • Drag & Drop Scheduling
  • Easy Customer Management
  • Photograph jobs & get customers to sign digitally

You can rest assured that the information is sent to everyone that needs it. There is no delay in getting payments processed or hours lost on manual tasks.

All Shed Installation Organisation and Tech

6. Training

Learn From the Best:

As a Pure Garden Buildings Installer, you and your team will will have the oppotunity to take advantage of our in house traiing modules that have been agreed with brand owners to ensure quality and perfoamance – Who knows the product better than the people that make it?

In-house Training & Support

Our own in-house training and support to maximise your understanding of what are the best practices, Ideal tool kits, Health and Safety and more.

7. Control

Take back control of your life and be your own boss:

So you already work hard and like to succeed but would like more freedom to do your own thing and reap the rewards from your hard work?

Perhaps you haven’t found the right opportunity yet? Then an Any Shed Installation franchise business may be right for you.

An Any Shed franchise gives you the freedom and control to run your own business, but with the support and structure already in place for you.

Get in touch to find out more.

Shed Assembly - Be your own boss

What is an “Any Shed Installation” Franchise?

An ideal franchisee business owner has the qualities that are required to run any successful business:

  • A Practical Problem Solver
  • Hard Working Nature
  • Reliable
  • Self-motivated
  • Desire to Succeed
  • Customer Focused
Shed Assembly - Skills